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Rocket Your Ideas

Your Sensor-Based Project directly speeds up with Sharemysensor Platform without using or digging any physical sensor implementation. Real-time datum, real-time APIs.

Ready for IoT

Create your project for IoT and turn on-going sensor-based projects to IoT compatible data sources with Sharemysensor system and APIs.

Share and Use

Anonymously share your sensors' datum, create hubs, analyze and use all real-time sensor-based datum from all over the world free.

Control & Secure

With Sharemysensor Platform, control all your connected data sources and secure them with SMS's comprehensive security architecture.

Compatible with Everything !


Development Board & Sets


Data-Based APIs & Apps


Ready-to-Use Scenerios


Sensor & Sensing Device

Fast Development & Integration For Maker

With Sharemysensor Platform, you can find many ready-to-use sensor datum to create development projects over API and can get fast integration to your projects and development-based creations.

Store All Your Data and Spread From There

With Sharemysensor Platform, Store All Your Data & Logs On Your Secure Distributed Storage and Use Them for Analysis and Projects like a Storm from SMS !

A Modular Approach

Sharemysensor Platform is sit on a modular approach to the sensor-based data and development process of makers. With this idea, Sharemysensor redefined SMS mean as a new era of data sharing for accelerate projects and speed up sensor-based development all around the world.

Server Uptime Percent


Data Quality & Filtering





SMS can provide data analysis for your connected development projects.


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Çankaya Ankara TURKEY


Email: [email protected] 


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